Sunday, March 18, 2012

An organizational post ...

Stamp index
I already have a sentiment index that I blogged about here but decided it would be nice to have an index of all of my stamp sets to use with my die/punch index.  I stamped all of my sets onto 80lb card stock that I cut down to 8 1/2 x 5 1/2.  I used a dye ink for easy clean up.  I wrote the name of each set in the bottom right corner and used Martha Stewart plastic dividers.
I bought a gorgeous red shagreen binder from Staples (also Martha Stewart).  It's a mini binder that is 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 and I love the small compact size.
It is easy to flip through and be inspired by the images or sentiments.
Martha Stewart organization products here

Stamp Organization
I use almost exclusively clear stamps and wanted an inexpensive way to organize them.  They usually come on an acetate sheet so decided to make a clear envelope to put the sets in.  I cut acetate (transparency film) with my paper cutter (9" x 7") and then folded it in half and scoring it well.  I used a mini stapler to adhere the sides.
If I bought the set second hand, I have stamped my own image sheet.
If the set is from another company, like Hero Arts, I just kept the cardboard backing and put that in my acetate folder:
 If the set is new, I used the label that came with the set in front of the set, still on the acetate sheet:
I used Post It's tabs to label each set.  Makes it super easy to find a set I am looking for.
 I took larger sized heavy card stock and PTI's journal tabs to separate the categories.
 Here is one of the boxes that I put the sets in and you can clearly see the tabs:
My larger box has stamp sets and my embossing folders at the back.


Unknown said...

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

cards by cara said...

My pleasure - just glad it's useful! :)

Lilian said...

Amazing work Cara! I am looking for ways to organize my stamps and I was planning on using the TH folders. I'll try to incorporate your system to it. So happy to have read your post :) Thanks for sharing!

pamela said...

I really should start organizing my stamps! Luckily (?) I only have a few sets! I saw those Martha Stewart binders at Staples as well but I thought they were a bit expensive for me. By the way, how much were the acetate/transparency films? I'm looking to getting some for cards!

Susan said...

This is really great Cara! Thanks for sharing it. I also love how you did your stamp index. I am working on mine and yours is very inspirational!

one2stitch said...

Thanks so much for sharing your plan. This is exactly what I needed to know.