Friday, May 13, 2011

Gorgeous Jenni Bowlin inks - I'm in love!

I am in love with the new colours of Jenni Bowlin inks from Ranger.  They are so vibrant and the colour names are so cute ... Cough Syrup, Seed Packet, Spice Tin, Stick Candy, Malted Milk ...

I stamped these onto my ink reference sheet and love all of them!  I also labeled the sides of the ink pads with white labels and pressed the edge into each ink pad to get a colour reference as well.  I photographed them in front of my decorated Cuttlebug - added some clear stickers to add a little something something. :)

I have never had a whole set of inks before so this is quite a momentous occasion for me.  They stamp beautifully with rubber stamps and acrylics and clean up with no staining on my beloved photopolymer stamps.  My experiments went well ...  I was also able to emboss with them and the spice tin (dark navy colour) is a nice deep blue when embossed.  Yum!

I stamped a simple card with PTI's Modern Basics set using an idea from Paperella's blog I saw to create a simple flower:

Here's my take on this ... I changed it up quite a bit:

I used Chicken Feed, Cough Syrup, Chili Powder, Chewing Gum and a chocolate brown button.  I love how vibrant these inks look ...

You can buy them here at Two Peas or here from an Etsy seller.  Happy stamping!!

Oh, and here are some references:
Jenni Bowlin reference sheet
PDF label sheet from Ranger
Colour reference online


Anonymous said...

Ohh! I just saw this post, thanks so much for showing my card Cara! Also I've been curious about This inks for a while and you completely enabled me with your chart, so yummy! Thanks so much for putting it together :D

Jen Adcock said...

Most excellent post Cara. I am new to these and I must say that they are awesome! Have you found the colors are fade resistant? As I haven't had mine long I am not too sure. Have you spritz over them? Do they bleed? I haven't found this yet but it's still early days. Sorry for all the questions but I am so impressed. Again, what a great post. Thank you.

cards by cara said...

^^ Jen, thanks so much! They are definitely fade resistant from what I have seen. I have lightly spritzed over them with no problems with bleeding but don't have any copics so don't know how well those do with JB inks ... :) Hope that helps! I will try some heavy spritzing and report back.

Jen Adcock said...

Perfect! That's wonderful news. Thank you soooo much for getting back to me. This is so helpful.