Monday, May 16, 2011

Die Storage and Organization

So my die collection has steadily grown due to the wonderful offerings out there, in particular from Papertrey Ink.  I originally was just keeping them in the packaging they came in but wanted to find a simple uniform solution that was properly organized.  Nichole Heady posted about her die storage on her blog here:
This inspired me to try something different from what I my haphazard storage.  I didn't find these same boxes she had and don't have enough dies to fill one anyhow but used a similar idea.  I had a plastic container from Yokoyaya, a local dollar store with all products from Japan (similar to Daiso).  This was originally a plastic container with a hinged lid to open for flour/sugar.  I took the lid off and covered the outside with patterned paper.
I used plastic cd cases that have a little flap - these are perfect and will be very durable.  I downloaded the labels from Nichole's post and they worked wonderfully.  I even popped in any extra die cuts or masks I had for the dies in the envelopes. 
I found the cases at my local Staples (Memorex CD/DVD Keepers in colour and clear for only $11.92).  They were a great deal - 50 for that price.  They had clear and also coloured.  If you wanted to buy the coloured ones, you could have different colours for different categories.
I had already made dividers with cardstock squares and simply snipped tabs that I made by cutting apart the scallops from a scalloped punch cut.  Easy!  I stapled each one to the cardboard square and staggered them.
 For some reason, it keeps on uploading upside down but I'll add this pic anyhow.  :)
 Simple easy die storage that is easily expandable.  So far, it is working wonderfully!

Oh, and to make it a little whimsical, I eve added a little bitty bird on the front decorated with black Enamel Accents on the front with a glue dot! :)  Why not, I say!?

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Cathy Weber said...

Great job, cute little bird as a finishing touch too!