Monday, March 2, 2015

Avery Elle ink comparison to Fresh inks

I had some questions from blog readers about the comparison between Fresh and Avery Elle inks so I took some pictures to compare the two.  (note- they are both hybrid pigment inks, meaning that they are quick drying full coverage inks, perfect for clear stamps.)  The colours are vivid and, in my opinion, gorgeous!

I have taken pictures in colour families and some closeups with similar shades.  I used my phone so the pictures might be an odd size ... just go with it! :)  And for larger zoomed in images, click on the picture to see it better.

the pink hues:
AE orchid is a bit more purple in tone 
but FI sugar and AE pixie are very similar.

 the purple and red hues:
 FI silver lilac is a pale greyish purple hue.  Stunning in person.  
FI merlot is a deep red, just like a good Merlot wine.  
AE sugar plum is a deep magenta.

 Above and below are the reds ... FI fuschia could've been in the pink section as it is a reddish pink shade, like its namesake ... :)

the yellows and oranges:

FI mango and AE mimosa are the only 
two similar ones but FI mango is a little bit deeper and darker.

 the green hues:

 FI mint and AE mint to be are very similar ....

It's hard to tell here but FI pear is a light powdery spring moss sort of shade.
And FI tuscan olive is a darker green than AE lemon grass which is a brighter more lime shade.

the greys and browns:
 ** FI blue sage could be in the blue section or the greys as it's a pale blue grey.  
I put it in this category as well so you can see it compared to FI provincial gray.

So there you have it - some ink comparisons from my Fresh and Avery Ele collection!  Easily stamped with my MISTI, pigment inks, PTI tag sale die and a stamp from PTI's Four Square.

Hopefully this is helpful to people looking to broaden their ink collection. :)

my original AE ink collection post here


Fritz Onstead said...

This is wonderful, Cara. Thank you!

I've been thinking about and wanting to do an ink swatch swap. Would you be interested? I'd send samples of all the Fresh and Amuse Inks I have and you could send Avery Elle samples and any Fresh colors I don't have. Seeing them in person would be terrific and then we'd know which colors would be duplicates and which ones we still need. Tell me what you think.

Thanks again for this comparison!

Anonymous said...

This is so helpful and timely for me. I've been buying my Avery Elle inks at a discount and have about half the colors. I am thinking of filling in with Fresh Ink for the rest of the colors. Thanks so much for doing this. I'm not close to the Impress store so I can't really check out the colors.

Pam said...

Hi Cara, you left me a message on the PTI forum about the Tinsel and Tags die cuts. I can't figure out how to respond over there. I am interested. Can you email me the info instead of going through the forum? Thanks!